Monday, May 7, 2012

The Smell of Lavender Rose Petal Jelly . . .

 . . .  is a fragrant reminder of why I love being in my kitchen. I call it opportunity to create jars of deliciousness.

A few weeks ago, I walked past the Lemon Verbena in a garden close to the house. 
It's long tall beauty and light fragrance drew me back to the house for a pair of scissors.  

My Lemon Verbena jelly is delightful on hot toast with tons of melting butter.

I've always been a huge fan of Mint Jelly and since our mint is what I call 'happy' mint - it seemed appropriate and timely to make another batch of my Mint Apply Jelly.

Today, I noticed the ripening peaches on our trees and yup, peach jam soon.

The apple trees are following ripening nicely and I can see more apple butter in the works. 

Our peppers are growing nicely and I'm thinking about some 
new jelly concoction to make with peppers. Got any ideas?

Next on my agenda is to connect with a new organic strawberry source. 
I just don't grow enough (yet) to make my very favorite jam - Strawberry Honey Jam. 

It's a weekly event to make caramel around here. I tried my hand at Coffee Caramel and just this past week - Salted Caramel. Both simply amazing. 

Before we sell the Salted Caramel at our market, Michael wanted a few taste testers. 
Two of the chosen testers have given a thumbs up 
and I'm just waiting for the third before it shows up at our market.

So, what's happening in your kitchen?

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  1. We were out of our house for most of jam season last year (construction woes)... so I'm looking forward to the process this year. Strawberry Honey jam sounds amazing, do you have a recipe to share?

    And that caramel looks DIVINE!


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