Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Fall . . .

. . . sorta.

Next week we will have our delivery of about 800# of pumpkins from another organic farmer. 
I'm thinking that as we set them up and decorate a bit - then it'll really seem like fall! 
Here's hoping for. . . fall to come soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Anthro Fix

There's the sweetest Anthropology in downtown Portland that I love to take a little 'meandering' time. Monday morning I did just that with my granddaughter who has learned to love it too. Was quite fun asking her to show me the beautiful things she loved. You know, you get to learn something about a person when you ask them, "What do you love?"

Personally, how can anyone not love anything in that store?  It was in a Portland Anthropology - that the name The Simple Farm came into existence.

Just a little sampling of some of what we loved that day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Moment In Time - Quick Portland Visit

A week ago Michael closed himself in the library area of our farm house to do some planning. After an hour or so, he reappeared to bring me in on the farm plan. "We're going to Portland. I know it's the busiest time coming up, but we need to take a break and visit our grandchildren and daughter in Portland. I've already spoken to Anita, she will milk the girls. We're leaving Tuesday morning."

Wow, how's that for a clear farm plan! I knew the plan was crazy. I knew the plan was right. I knew that it was something we both needed. Providence had spoken.

So, early Tuesday morning we hopped on an early flight out for Portland and every waking moment was spent with three grandchildren who I haven't seen for way to long. My oldest grandson is now taller than I am, my middle granddaughter is a beauty to behold and the youngest granddaughter (she's 6) sews her own creations with a needle and thread.

I am hoping all the Portland women I love who find out I snuck in to their city will forgive me for not calling/connecting - but truly I needed to have every second possible to stare into the faces and hear the hearts of these precious ones.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Decorating the Farm . . .

With a beautiful array of fall pumpkins from an Arizona Pumpkin grower. . .

all my photos taken at Rogers Gardens in San Diego

and we can't wait.

The week of October 3rd we will begin to decorate spots and places of our farm with beautiful pumpkins - carving and cooking pumpkins - large, small, white and orange - pumpkins - just for you!

Pass the word - Get Your Fall Pumpkins At The Simple Farm!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Not Sure What To Do

After three wonderful years of living together, our daughter and her precious family shifted gears and moved to their own little condo (fortunately only a few miles away). So now, I'm left with the opportunity, responsibility, fun time of setting up and decorating the main dining and living room.

Those portions of this fabulous farmhouse were filled with mostly Candace's "stuff" and now pretty it's a blank canvas waiting for me to do something.

Something is exactly what I need to do. The something I started to do was bring all my favorite things in from the market and set them around, rearrange them and then do it again.  That's as something as I seem to get.

Here's the something I've done with the somethings I have to work with. Any ideas?  If only someone from Anthropology or that Shabby Chic woman Rachel, or Ms. Phillips from Unmistakably French would come pay me a visit and help me figure out who I am, where I need to go and how to make this lovely.