Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friendships of Women at The Simple Farm

Yesterday I was feeling the heat. I was also feeling discouraged. Generally, I'm not the type to get "down" but after I'd looked at our tomato garden here at The Simple Farm and seen the effects of the heat, I felt "down."  It seemed as if our farm's tomato season might end quicker than we'd anticipated because of what I could see in the rows where about 400 plants exist.

This morning I got a late start. Bummer when that happens and the heat index starts soaring. Not only did I get a late start but my right hand friend wasn't able to arrive like she thought.  Bummer.

At 7 am Sara arrived with smiles that will lift anyone's down soul. As we walked to the milk room two younger gals arrived. Kate D and Kate M. I'd actually forgotten that at last Thursday's market they'd asked if we needed volunteers. Both girls seemed to be gleaming to join the farm team this morning.

Next, Lynne arrives. Lynne is Ahni's favorite female person. They have a very sweet bond. Lynne and Sara are team partners here at the farm and I so appreciate their hearts to help.  It's at the point if you need it done - they will do it.

Next Kathy arrived. Then Rochelle and then Kathy M with her two daughters.  Shortly after Anita arrived.

All women went to work milking goats, harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and carrots etc for Thursday's market here at the farm.  When they started bringing baskets full of these . . .

. . . I felt like crying.  I shared with the women that yesterday I felt discouraged. It seemed as if our tomatoes were ending.  Then they began to share that there are so many tomatoes hidden underneath areas that I didn't see.

Isn't that like life - we tend to see only what's on the outside and often don't see what's hidden.  In this case - I was blind to what really was and allowed an emotion of discouragement to take over.

I learned some good things this morning. First, don't assume I see the big picture because often there's something I don't see. Second, it's often another person (in this case my volunteers - my friends) who were the ones to show me what really was the truth (in this case - tons of heirloom tomatoes).  Third - we just can't do life alone. We need each other to find comfort, to see what is and to grow.

Here's the team from this morning. Aren't they amazing?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pretending It's Not Really 116 Degrees

June is slipping into July way to fast and today's temp of 116 is reminding me one of the difficulties of living and farming in the Phoenix desert.  

Attitude is everything though.  Mindset makes or breaks a 'hot' situation. 

So, this afternoon I changed my (grumbling attitude) and decided to pretend I was in France - specifically St. Jean de Luz (Basque Country). I made myself a little café crème et un croissant and smothered the croissant in the peach jam that I'd made earlier this month.  

Has it worked? I mean - sipping French press with cream and enjoying bites of a croissant to help me overcome this heat wave? 

Actually, yes. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011