Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chic & Delicious French Treats . . .

. . . is the subtitle to my newest cookbook find entitled Macarons.

It's the little tiny book on the left. 

Just to the left of my other new find - Snog - Healthy Treat Cookbook.

It's a lovely book that I found at a garage sale this past Friday. A bargain, indeed.

I've known about marcarons just about my whole life. My mom used to make them.  I used to eat them.

And the French thought up the idea for these little almond meringue cakes.  Their popularity and interest has increased since "Ladure' brought its macarons to NYC" recently.

I'm looking forward to making these chic, delicious little French treats and gently placing them in this

. . . and displaying (aka selling) them at the market at our farm store.

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