Monday, May 23, 2011

One Week Full Of Life..

This past week has been quite busy. Tuesday, Miss Storm spent the morning in the birthing pen and around 5:23 to be exact the first baby bubble appeared. A beautiful brown buckling and then quite quickly after that his cute little brother - mostly black with a brown and white patch on his head.  I cleaned Miss Storm up, milked out some of her colostrum to give to the boys and settled back to enjoy the miracle of life at the farm.  One hour and thirty minutes - to be exact - Storm laid down to deliver what we thought was her placenta. Nope...not at all.  A baby bubble and the cutest little guy ever joined his brothers.  I might add that all these little guys came out in the perfect nose and toes presentation.  Such a nice gift for our first time kidding here at The Simple Farm.

We started into a routine with these guys while waiting for Sweet Marie to kid.  One day before her due date, while feeding the triplets, I noticed clear signs that Marie would give birth within hours.  She wasn't particularly happy about going into the birthing pen, but once there she settled down baby talking, laying down, standing up, drinking, eating and groaning - a lot.

By 2:30 p.m. I saw the first bubble. I looked and looked in that bubble and didn't see what I thought I was supposed to - a little nose and some front toes. Anita, my birthing partner, took a look and then we looked at each other. Not good. It was a tail. From all we'd read, you don't want a tail. It makes for a very difficult birth.

The thing I'd feared was the thing I had to venture into - and that was gloving up, lubing up and slowly inserting a finger, then another and then another - until my hand was inside this poor girl. The goal was to find both of her feet and make sure they were her feet and not another kid.  I had no clue how slippery and slimy it'd be which made it incredibly difficult to grab onto anything.

Time is of the essence when a doe is in hard labor and your hand is inside her. I asked Anita to take over and she was able to find what we were needing and gently - ever so gently with Marie's contractions pull out the first baby - a doeling!  Unfortunately, because this little girl was backward and it took so much time, she swallowed a ton of fluid. Anita and our daughter, Candace worked and worked with her. For a bit of time she seemed like a limp dish rag. Finally, though, after working and rubbing and patting and turning upside down and repeats and whispers of prayer for God's mercy, she pulled through.

In a short time, this little girl was joined by her three brothers - all entering the world the wrong way.  What an experience we had. Six boys and one girl added to the farm.  We're so happy for each of them and especially that all have lived.

It feels good to report that all are thriving and doing well.  I posted pictures over here of our new ones.

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