Friday, February 11, 2011

Seeds and the Boy

Being a busy farmer, I could be tempted to rush through life's beautiful moments (for the sake of planting my seeds) and totally miss what is even more important. People.

And, today, in this case, a little person.

Growing up with three brothers, I know the things boys dig. Dirt. Getting dirty. Getting really dirty.

And, so, I've learned to capitalize the dirt, the boy, the seeds and capture the moment of the heart forever.

This one loves dirt. He's learned to love seeds. I think he'll become a farmer and reclaim the land farm that is part of his heritage.

He fills the pots. Almost meticulously. 

He's a serious planner about his work.

Very serious.

And, gently he deposits the seeds (in this case - red okra) into the dirt. 


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