Monday, August 30, 2010

Charley and Marie

I thought I'd bring you current on our little goat herd. This afternoon we added Charley and Marie to our cast of farm characters.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Gotta Love Anthropology

Every bit of this is more than lovely. Suiting for a feminine beauty pause for the body and the soul.

Who in the world do people take pictures like this? Uh, I guess I did.

Love that cute little cream top on the far left!

Hard to find a piece that I wouldn't enjoy.

I could kick myself. Michael bought be a bicycle like this and I exchanged it for one I never ride. I love the come back of these beachy like bikes.

Anthropology has this knack of simply putting cute stuff together to make you think you need it.

One of each, please. Just kidding.

I love those little hands. Miss them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Charming French Home

I've had this picture of this home in Provence for awhile.  Charming is an understatement.

Touches of India

I had the privilege of making a trip to India this past May. Michael and I and our daughter went to celebrate the wedding of our dear daughter who is from India (we become family to students at ASU via a program called Friendship Partners).

This morning I thought I'd simply post (with no explanation) a few of the pictures I was able to take. Some are a bit blurry as I took them as we drove along.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Decorating

About this time of year us desert dwellers really start yearning for the cooler days of fall.  Just yesterday I got a burst of anticipation and told daughter Candace that I'd like to brainstorm with her to bring some autumn touches in our courtyard.

We're going to incorporate some grape vine wreathes, pumpkins, little lights and whatever else comes to my her mind (she's the creative decorator).

I simply love these white pumpkins.

Maybe we'll use my little green garden cart to add to fall decorating at the farm.

If you're in the mood, my Seattle friend, Melissa is also getting ready for some fall action at her house blog The Inspired Room and will always have some great ideas going on.

I took a picture of this wagon and the other fall/pumpkin pictures while at Rogers Gardens in Southern California.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dancing In The Garden

Women are prone to fear and we do well if we don't give way to fear.  A few weeks ago I was struggling with fear. Fear of having little left to sell at the Farmers' Market while we are in between seasons.

I looked at the diminishing tomato garden here at the farm and felt afraid.

When I feel afraid I find that if I have this little chat with God it helps.  Well, on this particular morning He was having a little chat with me.

As clear as I possible - I heard Creator's voice.  No, not audible. But definitely clear and specific to my heart.

He said, "Don't worry. I'll take care of the tomatoes."  I chuckled, sincerely took to heart what I heard and went on with the days chores.

That voice has come back to me often and I remember it as each week I'm scrounging around looking for tomatoes to take to the market. Each week, whatever we offer is sold.

This past Saturday evening I felt led to spend some therapy time pruning the rest of the straggling plants in the tomato garden.  I clipped and snipped everywhere to reduce the past beauty to little snubs of a vine.  My pile of tomato clippings for the compost became huge.

Mind you, I walked this pathway of tomatoes - back an forth and back and forth - stepping everywhere.  At the far end of the garden - I noticed the very sad shape of our Black Krims (my total favorite) and as I snipped and clipped - something caught my eyes.

Then, some more caught my eye and then I stood up and starting looking further and like He said, "I'll take care of the tomatoes."  I counted no less than 47 new heirloom tomato starts in the tomato garden.  Not only was this amazing - but I'd trampled to pieces the ground - all around many of these new starts that happened to be right in the walkways of the garden.

Again, I have found Creator faithful. Amazing. Wonder. Majesty. In awe of . . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bringing a Touch of France To The Market

Farmers' Markets are popping up all over and it's the popular trend to buy local, buy fresh, buy organic and now to buy directly from the farmer. Michael and I value that, because we're farmers.  I wrote a little bit about our story here.

Currently we sell our produce - gourmet quality vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit (it's coming) and eggs at the farmers' market and to restaurants.

Recently I visited one of Scottsdale's Farmers' Markets and two summers ago Michael and I strolled through Santa Barbara's market  been to several markets here in the states and in Europe and knew I wanted our spot at the market to be classy, unique and one that would create an experience. I wanted something more than special.

So, I rang Molly and Teresa, two of the worlds most creative sisters and asked them for help.  Molly is a creative artist/screen play writer and Teresa owns and operates the valley's high end and most beautiful flower shop ever - Camelback Flowershop.

Both girls know me well, understand my heart and style as well as my love of things French.  I think Teresa already had the French theme brewing even before she arrived at our farm.

And, so we played with French market ideas on a sweltering Thursday morning.

Teresa brought Frenchy things from her flower shop and gave them as a gift to The Simple Farm.

Very classy and very French for the market.

Setting up at our first market day.

This past weeks market day. 

Last weeks market day.

Meeting awesome people at the market.