Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day in The Life . . .

. . . on the farm. My daughter took this pic while these little guy was enjoying himself playing in the mud. I couldn't resist taking it from her file. How cute is this?!?

I promise, I'll be around soon . . . .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vintage Shutters

For some reason I'm addicted to vintage shutters. During a quick summer visit to my daughter in Portland, I'd found these and was able to fit them into a big suitcase. These shutters found their way onto our family room fireplace hearth.

While making a run up to Prescott, Michael and I just had to stop (no, I had to) at a very cute vintage store and of course my eye went straight to these $100+ vintage shutters. Way too much for my budget.

Then, while "shopping" a salvage yard here in Phoenix (aka helping hubs find big pieces of lumber for the Garden Shed/Goat Barn/Kids Fun Place) my eye went straight to a pile of vintage shutters and the $1 price was perfect. I didn't hesitate to say, "YES, I'll take them all." I've never - ever had such joy at a salvage yard.

Of course they came home to the CRF and it wasn't until this shed/barn/fun place started being built did I know the purpose. Just like a woman - "ya gotta have it and you'll figure out a place for it - eventually."

My son-in-law configuring the first vintage shutter for the Garden Shed/Goat Barn/Kids Fun Place.

I'm adding a delightful new twist to my French garden. Vintage-y (my new word) is that new twist. I'm calling my barn my vintage/French barn. Very unique with shutters. What do you think?

Michael, Mark and Paul (aka Alaskan Mountain Man) setting in the first of three vintage shutters. These face east and behind them will be my three milk stands for my Nubian goats. I can't wait to start making cheese and having some "how to make the best goats milk cheese classes along with herb gardening classes with my friend Anita.

Fridays finished product for the new vintage shutters on the French/vintage barn!

The door on the hen house is actually a vintage shutter with the slats removed. Clever, if I say so myself!

Enjoy your Sabbath!