Saturday, December 4, 2010

Keep Running The Race - Never Give Up

How often do we feel like giving up? Discouragement overtakes the reality that just a few more steps and . . . we can cross that finish line.  

Holland Reynolds began to feel week about one-half mile from the finish line. What she said should have been an easy race became difficult.  

I love this - Reynolds staggered, then collapsed just feet from the finish line.
A race official, immediately at her side, advised her that if she wanted to finish the race -- the finish line just mere feet in front of her -- she could crawl enough to get one foot over the line. But if she received assistance, she'd be disqualified and the points would not count toward her team's total.
Reynolds kept going. 

How many times do we give up? How many times do our husbands, friends, children give up and what is really needed is someone for you to be at their side - not to fix the situation (by carrying them, enabling them, removing the obstacle) - but to encourage them onward to finish the race and that the finish line isn't far away.

Never give up. Run for yourself. Run for your team.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!
    Oh what a great video..Thanks so much.

  2. Well, the bigger story here is that this is the eighth and possibly last state title for coach Jim Tracy, given his diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) this past June. He is now the most successful cross country high school coach in the state of California.

    Holland Reynold's courage and determination to finish the race not just for herself, but for her team and her ailing long-time coach speak volumes and is an epitome of the type of young men and women that have run over the decades under Jim Tracy's instruction.

    Hopefully, we can be just as supportive of Jim off the course in his battle against ALS. He will need significant financial support in the coming days. If you want to contribute or just learn more, please visit

  3. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine
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