Saturday, November 20, 2010

Herbs . . .

. . . fragrantly grace a new spot on our farm (The Simple Farm) where sanctuary has once again been created.

I call this sanctuary place The French Garden because I designed this area to replicate a typical French potager where four quadrants surround the centerpiece of a small round glass topped table (I'm still looking for the fun iron chairs) under a pergola.  This area is (will be) decorative using a mixture of herbs, flowers and vegetables in a quadrant pattern.

Herbs planted are: French tarragon, French chervil, garlic chives, common chives, five or six kinds of thyme, cilantro, Italian parsley, curly leaf parsley, dill, basil, rosemary, marjoram . . .and a few other gourmet herbs grace this spot that now smiles.  Sugar snap peas line three of the entrance points and mammoth sunflowers mingled with sugar snap peas surround the peripheral of the French Garden. I've interspersed drops of nasturtium as well.

I can hardly wait for it to be in full bloom - all of its glory to display to the heavens and every one that visits our farm. Maybe you'll come?

Have a wonderful Saturday. xoxo lylah


Thanks for visiting my French home and garden. I'm always delighted when my friends leave a comment. xoxo Lylah