Wednesday, November 3, 2010

French Inspired Barn Sale

I'd love your input. I think it'd be a ton of fun for your input on what I'm calling a "French Inspired Barn Sale" ~ meaning twice a year, we'll open our barn right here in suburbia Scottsdale and include an offering of French inspired and vintage home and garden delights just for you.

So, here's where you come in. Should you come to a French inspired barn sale - what would be a few things that you'd totally want to see and or just have to have for your home or garden?

Thanks! xoxo Lylah


  1. i think it is soo cool

  2. Thank you Ketzia....and do tell...what would make your heart sing upon visiting a French ~ vintage inspired barn sale in the spring?

    xoxo lylah

  3. Would you be able to sell some of your goat cheese at this event? That would be neat. I would really love to see any of the things I see in many of your posts that you have around your own home/garden. Your taste for decorating is lovely and it would be fun to be able to bring some of those things into our home. Kitchen stuff is always a hit~scrubby antiques, rustic items for the home and/or yard. DO you save any seeds? Some might enjoy those. PLEASE let us know if/when you do this. I've enjoyed your blog for awhile and would love to meet you! Sorry for the long response~:)

  4. I think a seed kit would be great. For example, a pot with seeds (of herbs or a veggie, etc.)a bag of soil for the pot and anything else that would be needed for someone to take it home and have a kit they can easily plant a seed from. I agree with Nicole and like many of the items in your blog pictures so I think decorative items like that would do well too!

  5. what great input...thanks girls! :-)

    we totally save seeds, btw...


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