Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beautiful Friends. . . .

. . . like Cynthia Bogart are priceless.

This past Tuesday we opened up our suburban farm known as The Simple Farm to the public.  We've worked for weeks/months to prepare for the day we'd have our own market here at our farm where everything about this farm has been French inspired.

. . . so, on this day Cynthia brought her sweet grandson and mother to the farm and in her arms was a big bundle of French-y things - a beautiful Provence table linen, a stack of books and clay herb markers that we'll use in our French themed herb garden that's been recently planted near the market.

The day was incredibly busy and I didn't get the opportunity to thank her for her thoughtfulness and kindness to bless me with such lovely gifts. . .

. . .so, beautiful Cynthia . . .thank you very much.

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