Tuesday, October 26, 2010

La Table de Nana's Soupe-de-jur

One of my very, VERY, VERY favorite beauty pauses that inspire is Nana at La Table de Nana.

I've never met Nana, but feel this kindred spirit with her - her love of beauty, good food, grandchildren and being surrounded by lovely things in life.  Maybe too, it's because of the name Nana that we both share with the littles in our life.

Today's blog roll popped up Nana's Soupe - de - jur and of course, I needed to take a quick peek and it was YES at first glance.  I'd just been saying to myself how I was in the mood to be inspired by some new soup recipes and oooh....la la....Nana came through with her potato celery soup.

You can only imagine since it is soup season here at the farm (just made my special chicken noodle soup last night) that this one will grace our table quite soon.

Thanks Nana~love Nana.


  1. Oh no thank you:) How sweet! And what a great pic!

  2. So, so gorgeous! Everything would taste better in this! XX!

  3. thanks dear dear beautiful women.....:-) i needed something to dress up the white of that tureen and thought the new rye grass my son in law planted would do just fine :-)


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