Monday, August 9, 2010

Dancing In The Garden

Women are prone to fear and we do well if we don't give way to fear.  A few weeks ago I was struggling with fear. Fear of having little left to sell at the Farmers' Market while we are in between seasons.

I looked at the diminishing tomato garden here at the farm and felt afraid.

When I feel afraid I find that if I have this little chat with God it helps.  Well, on this particular morning He was having a little chat with me.

As clear as I possible - I heard Creator's voice.  No, not audible. But definitely clear and specific to my heart.

He said, "Don't worry. I'll take care of the tomatoes."  I chuckled, sincerely took to heart what I heard and went on with the days chores.

That voice has come back to me often and I remember it as each week I'm scrounging around looking for tomatoes to take to the market. Each week, whatever we offer is sold.

This past Saturday evening I felt led to spend some therapy time pruning the rest of the straggling plants in the tomato garden.  I clipped and snipped everywhere to reduce the past beauty to little snubs of a vine.  My pile of tomato clippings for the compost became huge.

Mind you, I walked this pathway of tomatoes - back an forth and back and forth - stepping everywhere.  At the far end of the garden - I noticed the very sad shape of our Black Krims (my total favorite) and as I snipped and clipped - something caught my eyes.

Then, some more caught my eye and then I stood up and starting looking further and like He said, "I'll take care of the tomatoes."  I counted no less than 47 new heirloom tomato starts in the tomato garden.  Not only was this amazing - but I'd trampled to pieces the ground - all around many of these new starts that happened to be right in the walkways of the garden.

Again, I have found Creator faithful. Amazing. Wonder. Majesty. In awe of . . .


  1. Lylah, I am a friend of Candace's, and I have been peeking at your blog from time to time. It is beautiful! I absolutely love this post! Your whole family is an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing these bits of your life!

  2. Awesome!

    Such a perfect lesson in faith.


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