Saturday, July 17, 2010

PDX Has Awesome Food From The Trucks

It's been exactly a year since I walked down this PDX sidewalk to experience my first Voo Doo donut.

That Saturday, the word Voo Doo took on new meaning.

Opportunities awaiting me . . .

Oh, yeah! Opportunity galore. Maple, chocolate, sprinkles and more.

Have you ever had a Voo Doo donut? I am not sure what all the buzz is about and this donut gossip isn't verified, but I heard that Oprah loves Voo Doo donuts. Voo Doo donuts is also on twitter and I think I need to follow them. I also heard that the magic is in the hole. Check out their website....


  1. hm yummy, hip-gold .... well ... ox

  2. I am all about food trucks. I want to own one! How fun is a donut truck. What a great idea!


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