Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Was Our First Kidding Experience - No Kidding

I'd arrived late last Tuesday evening from my trip to Portland to see Jenni and three amazing littles who aren't so little. We'd planned on heading out first thing in the morning for our "pick up Lavender and Cinnamon" trek to Snowflake.  I felt a bit nervous as the preparation with fences, gates, latches etc was behind schedule and to be honest both Michael and I were exhausted.

However, true to my husbands form, he kicked it in and completed what he felt comfortable enough with to make the trip. After all, we'd committed this block of time with David and Kathryn.

Onward hoe.

We arrived close to 5:30 p.m. with bells on our toes. It was doubling exciting when Kathryn told us of the pending kidding with this (below) first time freshner.  

Dominiska has an Audience

6/9/10  Evidently the girls like having an audience for kidding.  Possibly this is due to me writing in an earlier diary entry that it makes me nervous.  (The does do seem to "yank my chain" sometimes.)  We had some nice folks here today learning about their new BMR milkers before heading home with them tomorrow.  While we talked with them about their new goats Dom worked on getting ready to kid.  While we milked the goats Dom started stringing a discharge, while we ate dinner Dom started having mild contractions.

Around 10PM I decided to do a two-finger check to see if kidding was imminent.  I cleaned up, gloved up, lubed up, and while David held her steady, I slowly inserted my fingers into her vagina.  I could feel a bubble in there and right at the cervix I could feel a hoof.  So I got out of the way and waited for Dom to push a bit more.  She didn't, and it was getting late.  So I checked inside again and broke the kid sack.  The thick amniotic fluid gushed out, and with it gushed out a leg and a nose.  Whoosh, they were there.  I tried to find the second leg but couldn't.  Dom gave a couple of big pushes and out came a 5.0# red roan doeling.

David cleaned her up, our visitors were enthralled.  Once she was clean, Dom, who had been standing up and licking her first born, started pushing out a bubble.  I saw that inside the bubble was a head and one leg.  As I was about to break the sack to help the delivery, Dom decided that she didn't like what was happening and ran to the other side of the pen.   I finally caught up with her, calmed her a bit, then helped the 5.7# black and red doeling slid on into the world.  She, too, was a big hit with our guests.

Both kids are healthy and strong and lovely.  First freshener, Dom, is easy to milk and made enough colostrum to feed these hungry young ladies. 

These kids are For Sale.


  1. I love the kids! I wish you many more wonderful "kiddings"!

  2. Lylah my heart melted at the sight of these two little ones! what a charmed life for you!




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