Friday, June 11, 2010

My Husband is a Goat Herder - Now

After I laughed and wept through pages of Goat Song by Brad Kessler, I just had this crazy, funny feeling that it would be my husband the philosopher, the musician, song writer and pastoral husband who would be the one drawn from the heart to the song of the goat.

This morning.     I know.      I am right. 

Michael's first time try at milking Lavender while up at Black Mesa Ranch.

Morning came early for both of us at 4:40 a.m. and it was my now goat herder husband who flew out of a deep morning sleep at the sound (via a baby monitor) of Lavender and Cinnamon's cries - which loudly communicated in that blood curdling cry of a goat in distress, "Where are my peeps." 

O.K. . . keeping it real - much of the 4:40 a. m. adrenaline dump was concern that our neighbors might find their new alarm clock more than a bummer or that they might think someone was in pain or dying (their sounds make you think that).

Special pre post note:  It's 11:30 a.m. and two Scottsdale PD cars just barreled down to the farm gates. Our dear neighbor behind the goat yard called the pd because they thought someone was being hurt. Great! Hello neighbors - nice to meet you.  One officer asked to look around. They other one said, "That's a lot of milk in there."  Me: Would you like some fresh raw goats milk?  Officer: No, I'll pass.

I've never seen Michael race out of bed so quickly. Obviously, I knew where he was headed and I knew what he'd do when he got there. I couldn't quite go back to sleep to get some needed extra rest because I couldn't help but laugh at the scene in my mind. 

He'd probably kill me if I posted the picture I took of him sitting under the shade cloth surrounded by a few bales of hay along with Lavender and Cinnamon (new to the farm) our Nubian dairy goats. 

Just picture this: one gray haired man, sitting on a white plastic chair, having his regular morning quiet time watching the sun rise, surrounded by bales of hay and Lavender and Cinnamon - in this old raggedy pale blue bath robe that should have been long gone made into rags.  

For some reason I'm finding even deeper reasons to love this man of mine.  

I'm wondering, now, how frequently I'll find him in the wee morning hours communing with His Creator - out in the goat yard - surrounded Lavender and Cinnamon.

They say, it's the goat that trains you and not you the goat.

I'm also wondering how much his life will change through the bond this is already happening between this man and his goats.  

I'm also wondering what his goat song will become and what his Creator God will teach him of His ways and His love through the life and love he will grow to have because of them.  

I also wonder what new lyrics and melody will resonate from his creative masculine soul - just because goat herder is in process of becoming part of who he is naturally.

In light of our simple farm and life here on Cactus Road, besides what's for sale at the farm, I'll begin chronicling a few of the tales of Lavender and Cinnamon and Michael over at The Simple Farm.  

Yeah! Got milk!


  1. Ha ha! Let the real fun begin :-) The neighbors will adjust to the goaties. Then, all you need are peacocks to scare them with their blood-curdling screams!

  2. Oh...gosh I heard Kathryn's peacocks - great snake hunters screams! Someone said it'll take a month for them to settle down! Ya think?

  3. Good story..... last pic is a tad...... obscene...? : O (Yikes!)


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