Friday, May 7, 2010

Interesting You Should Ask

I'm nuts for arugula and often crave it. It's common to find me going around my garden finding little baby arugula that's just ready for the pickings. It says, "eat me please."

For the past two plus years of gardening, the arugula I've planted has been this Mediterranean kind and today I'll seed Wild Arugula, Rustic and as soon as my order from Grow Italian where I'm expecting a three packets of certified organic Arugula and Arugula ortolani. Can't wait.

When the sun got a little too hot, my gardening partner and I came inside to sip some Apricot sun tea and evaluate our loot of European seeds for now and for the fall planting.

Prior to Anita coming to the farm, little Roman, his sister and I did a bit of outside watering. He probably did more than watering of himself than necessary. Had to strip the little guy down. He was so cute in that diaper and high tops I needed to run to get the camera.

Back to seeds. I just planted a stash of these yesterday and have a few more spots to fill. Did you know that gardening and looking at seeds can be addicting? My new thing is the French seeds. I've stalked French Gardening for the past year and today after a little prodding made my first order. Uh, more arugula and a few other amazing seeds.

In case you missed it - here's one of my prized possessions.


  1. That's a cute helper you have there! I love to see all that you're growing.

  2. Thanks Marcy...H'e s love. I love to grow wonderful things. Just pulled up bolting chard and old arugula. It nearly killed me - especially as chard bolts it looks so interesting and beautiful. Oh, well. needed the space.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. We're growing arugula in our garden here at the center. Just this morning my friend and I ate a few peppery leaves straight from the ground (not even any washing....probably not so smart)...but it was good!I love that your prized possession is a tomato!

  4. OH, I just found your blog! LOVE IT!
    I got my potager planted today and I am giddy with the thought of spending the summer covered in dirt!

  5. OH man, I am such a dork! I just looked at who's blog this was... it's YOU! Clearly I have not been here in a long, long time! Going to do some more snooping!


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