Friday, May 21, 2010

Heading to the Place I Call Home

I'm spending a few last minutes, taking up restless time, at the Cyber Cafe across the street from Pie Vijay - the hotel we've been at the past week. In 1.5 hours we take another taxi ride to the Bangalore Airport and wait for 3 hours to board our flight bound for Frankfurt. After a few hours in Frankfurt, we head to Dallas for a second 10 hour flight. There we'll go through customs and catch our flight with is 2.5 hours (or so) headed for Phoenix.

I can hardly wait.

This trip has been good and hard. I'm trying to process all that I've taken in and in this moment not sure how to do that. Perhaps I'm conflicted in my soul because India's beauty is so conflicted - it seems - at least through my Western eyes.

Processing the culture, the food, the people and Jersey cows strolling down the street midst auto rickshaws and smokey buses. I'm not sure where to store that. They wander aimlessly toward the next heap of garbage trying to find anything to eat. Aren't cows supposed to be in fields of green?

Anyway, I'm tired and buzzed and just rambling and can't wait to be in the place I call home.

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  1. Lylah, I was wondering what you would think of India. My friend's son spent time there and was also overwhelmed by the contrast. Look forward to reading your thoughts on your return to Phoenix. Brace yourself for 100 degrees; sorry.



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