Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Weeks Garden Helper

Mother-in-laws sometimes don't make it into the mother-in-love relationship department , but mine did.

In the beginning we had some rocky years of learning who each other was and who each other wasn't. We even had a time where the contact was simply graced with cordiality alone.

It wasn't until we worked through some good relationship speed bumps of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness that love - sweet love started to knit my heart to hers and hers to mine.

Today, I would truly give my life for this woman.

A few weeks ago, I told her that I wanted for our home to be on the "top of her list" as the place to come to - should she need to shift gears and not live alone anymore. It's not because she comes for little visits, is this huge help by tenderly waters the garden and helping nail together old vintage fences - but it's because I love her deeply, want her to feel wanted and cared for - not because of what she can or can't do, but because of who she is.

And, because it's a good, honoring thing to do and because I love God.


  1. What a beautiful response to the mother of your special hubby! I've also grown so much closer to my mother-in-law over the years. I think we all go through our stages but I'm grateful for her presence in our lives.


  2. You are just so nice:) Love this post~She's so cute:)We dress alike sometimes:)

  3. I loved reading this Lylah - I have two relatively new 'daughters-in-law' and my relationship with one of them is not what I would like it to be! This gives me hope that, with time, patience and hard work, we may be friends after all...warm wishes x

  4. Mothers in law, a difficult topic for me. Sometimes iloveher sometimes idon't.Glad that your relationship is good now with your mil. Re: to your comment. Orange is the color of the Royal family because actually they are from the "House of Orange, Wilhelmus from Orange, the prince that died for our country ( many,many years ago).thanks for visiting my blog. xx


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