Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roman and Me

Roman's become my side kick since his mommy is struggling with that thing called morning, afternoon and evening sickness. I pretty much schlep this little toot most places here on our little farm. Lately, I've been showing him how to feed the chickens rather than grab them by the tail or neck and spin them around.

The other morning I juiced carrots and apples and since we work on recycling just about everything I knew they'd love these left overs and so off Roman and I went - heading toward the hen house.

My hens love the white bucket. The white bucket is their clue that very fun family left overs - which they prefer over their layena pellets. Most of the time they dive bomb the white bucket and or whoever is carrying the white bucket.

Roman was in hen heaven when they all - all - all came to the door. I just wonder what was going on in that little bald head of his.


  1. What an adorable little guy! I hope that you don't have any roosters around him! They are notorious for attacking males... especially younger victims. Those talons of theirs can put an eye out real quick...

  2. oh my goodness, how very lucky you are....and he is just so adorable and very boy-looking with that gleam in his eye....have three grandsons myself and raised two sons so think that's what i may be seeing .... what a doll and such wonderful photos! lucky grandma ;)

    blessings for LOTS of energy for you and sleepy times for him and that your daughter is soon feeling better...ugh...remembering that is not pleasant.

  3. Thanks for stopping and saying hello.....he IS a real boy boy. Rugged, tough and loves the "bawk bawks". YES! energy for sure.

  4. What a cute little helper you have there, he looks like he really knows what he's doing. I love reading about your updates on the "farm" I pray your daughter gets over the "all the time" sickness.....not fun at all.

  5. cute cute cute...he's very pretty, even if he is all boy!


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