Monday, April 5, 2010

Lylah's Garden

Growing a garden as big as the one we're growing keeps me on my toes.

So far, today, I've given not even half the Heirloom tomatoes their weekly vita-mix.

Then, I got distracted with Roman (15 month old farm hand) filling my vitamin buckets with water and then proceeding to douse himself completely and enjoy the whole process.

Then, I noticed a section of my sugar snap peas needing some extra tlc, so I've dug up dirt to create a more or less water trough, then placed three small trellis and now I'm attaching string to coax those yummy peas to delight in growing up the trellis.

In between that, I couldn't help but hear the VERy - let me say it again - VERRRRYYYYY loud hens squawking away. The funniest site in the hen house today. Three hens in one box - all very determined to lay their load in the same box at the same time. What was even funnier (sorta) was a fourth hen waiting her turn. Take a number girls, pleasaaassseeeee.

So, if you wonder what's up with me - I'm in the garden - tending, pruning, grooming, singing and thanking God for the rich bounty and the miracle of a dead seed in the ground that when watered a bit - gives life and then has the potential to keep giving.

Seems to me, we have to die - to live.


  1. Lylah, I love to learn about gardening. I can just picture you singing away while working in your garden.


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