Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Your Goat: Today's Hip Cheese

I just about jumped out of my skin yesterday morning after seeing the heading cap in Arizona Living Food & Drink section - Get your goat: Today's hip cheese - written by Karen Fernau.

She writes: It's easy to understand why goat cheese has gone from novelty to staple in the blink of a decade. With its pristine white color and milked to pungent flavors, goat cheese is a natural fit for salads, soups, pizzas, dips, toast, bagels, baked potatoes and yes, even desserts. Versatility aside, goat cheese is higher in calcium and lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than comparable cow's milk products such as cream cheese.

"It's a rich creamy cheese that does not smack you in the face. It's these qualities that make it so very popular," said chef Cullen Campbell, co-owner with chef Brandon Crouser of Crudo in Scottsdale."

Sometimes called chevre (French for "goat"), goat cheese is today's version of 1980s - hip Brie.

The question is: have YOU tried goat cheese lately and if so how and do you love it?

In case you didn't know it the Phoenix Valley has its own goat cheese dairy. here in the Phoenix Valley (and our new, awesome friends) Wendell and Rhonda at Crow's dairy. Another dairy and new, awesome friends are David and Kathryn at Black Mesa Ranch in the Snow Flake, Arizona.


  1. I am a big fan of goat cheese...I love it in salads particularly. xv

  2. I love the taste of goat cheese too. I love to read how you're getting to know others with similar interests. How fun!

  3. so wonderful being in the company of goat cheese lovers!

    thanks debbie :-)

  4. You betcha! First worked with goat cheese in the kitchen in a recipe for a lentil salad, and ooohhh, it was love at first taste. How neat to have a local version!

  5. I hopped onto the trendy goat cheese bandwagon when it started showing up in salads at certain restaurants. I'm hooked!


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