Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Encourage Someone

Two Saturdays a month for a few hours, I hang out with three other women (all older than myself) drink coffee and talk. We talk mostly about the things God is doing in our lives.

This past Saturday, Joannie wanted to buy my tea. I smiled and said "sure." After waiting a few minutes, Joannie, while at the counter turns to me at the table (where I'm sitting with the other women) and says "Lylah, this woman has bought your tea."

Sometimes just a simple smile to a stranger is enough to make their day better. Lately, I've read and now have experienced the "pay it forward" act of kindness. Do you know a simple phone call to let someone know you've been thinking of them goes along way? How about encouraging your husband and letting him know how thankful you are for him?

How will you encourage someone this today. . . this week?


  1. I knew you were a thoughtful person Lylah. I love to send cards to people. I love to use Shutterfly as I can upload a few photos and create a special card to just say I'm thinking of them.

    I love that you spend time with older ladies too. Often the best thing a person can do is to spend some unhurried time listening.


    PS Are you a romantic? I wrote a post about a virtual trip here: http://www.heartchoices.com/2010/04/im-romantic.html.

  2. yes...acts of kindness go a long way.


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