Sunday, March 7, 2010

Provencial Villa - I LOVE The Shutters

If this isn't one of the cutest (not sure if that's the right word or not) Provencal Villa located in Seillans. The for sale ad (sorry, I've lost my link) that this place has amazing views to the Mediterranean along with a swimming pool, private garden and terrace.

Seillans is a beautiful medieval Provencal town 35 km from Cote d'Azure.

So, you think blue might have been a fave color?

I sure wish I could have seen more of this home -but a peek is all we get. Price? Don't ask. But what drew me to it was the color of those shutters. I've been thinking that I should paint the vintage shutters on my barn (still being built) that color. What do you think?


  1. Blue shutters especially the Provence blue are gorgeous.Yes.

  2. I'm crazy about it! You're so faithful to stop by....I thank you!


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