Monday, March 29, 2010

Going, Going, Going, Gone

For the past few weeks, I've been hanging out a lot with this little guy . . . because his sweet little mama is struggling with morning, afternoon and evening sickness. He's becoming this permanent attachment to my hip. He helps me with morning chores and any thing else his little chubby hands can get in to. He's my joy and I melt now that he calls me "Nana."

Yup . . . God's so delightfully added to our family. Michael and I can't wait for grand baby # 7 to join the family.


  1. So cute..I wish I had a coop for my little ones and me..
    Isn't Nana such a great name? ♥I love hearing it..I never tire of it:) Great pics.

  2. So cute! Is that the new chicken coop you have been building?

  3. Thanks Nana and Vicki.....littles...just love em.

  4. Oh, that is the most precious sight!! You blessed woman you!

  5. i just love seeing those H&M city boy jeans on my country boy.... who woulda' thunk it?

    your the best mom, thanks!

  6. awe...thanks dear's not every day that i get this opportunity to have a baby boy glued to my hip...


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