Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Been a Little Slow . . .

. . . at getting back into posting the Cactus Rd. house farm happenings. But, if you can picture lots of moving and packing and unpacking, some sighing and that sort of thing - along with an overflowing septic tank and leach field - then you get the picture of what life has been like the past few weeks.

Now, however, I'm pretty close to being settled in and it feels awfully wonderfully. Sure, I'm still finding places to put things, trying to figure out what place works best, but for the most part this house feels like home.

I told one of my friends the other day that this place really feels like home - even more so than that the lovely house and garden I just left and had lived in for the past ten years. I'm not sure why, but it occurred to me that home is really where the heart is. My attitude toward whatever situation I'm presented with matters and it's what will set the tone for how I create sanctuary.

I love the Cactus Rd. house - now my home. I love it's unique charm and character. I love the flow of the home that makes it possible for two families (such as ours) to live comfortably together. I also love the memories that have been created here and will continue to be created here.

This home has two parts. The original part of the home was built in 1946 and then in and around 1987 the owners remodeled the space to its present size. The architect actually had the remodel constructed over the existing walls and space leaving the original entrance way, hallway, bedrooms and living room in tact. As you can imagine parts of those walls are quite thick.

The history of this area is rich which much of this land having been farm land and horse ranches. And, in a sense, we have vision and passion to reclaim the land and restore it to its original use. In time that vision and passion will fully unfold but for now, we're just dreaming about the endless possibilities and ways to use this place to touch lives, create sanctuary for us and others as we set down some new roots.


  1. Oh Lylah, home really is where the heart is. I'm sure that you create a lovely home no matter where it is. I've enjoyed reading about your journey to this Cactus farm. It takes time to get settled but each day will be better. May the Lord bless you in your new home. And btw, I did enjoy your husband's music. :)

    Sending hugs,

  2. May your home and family be saturated with heavenly peace and flavored with the harmony of love, my friend. Shared lives do create lasting memories. We have many memories from the three years we shared home and garden with my parents in Lynden, WA. Although they currently live near Margo and Gary, our lives were forever changed by the time spent creating sanctuary on Bradley Meadow Lane.
    Blessings, Jenny


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