Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Saturday Already

There's just something about a cool, crisp Saturday morning with soft Christmas music playing in the back ground, the tree lit and my seven year old grandson nearby capturing my heart's interest as he tells me the story of each year's special ornament with his name on them.

Sometimes life just couldn't be sweeter when moments like these arrest the soul. Times past I'd have run right over them for the sake of accomplishing something, but being a bit older and wiser I know the ache of moments missed and the joy of the clock being rewound with the delight of grandchildren.

Even though the Cactus Rd house is still in process and there is much-much to "do" I've chosen and will chose to NOT miss the moments of the NOW.

May I encourage you to do so as well in a season where little hearts and big hears need the touch of someone who will be still enough to care. Your presence is a present.


  1. Oh Lylah, I so agree. I hate to get caught up in the busyness and miss out on the NOW.

    BTW, I am meeting a friend this morning at The Farm at South Mountain. She and her hubby are running in a marathon in Tucson tomorrow and flew in from San Antonio for the event. We are going to have coffee and yummies at Morning Glory. I hope it's not too cold (yeah right) to sit outside and enjoy the moment with great friends.

    I'lll take photos and write about it on Heart Choices, I'm sure.

    Hugs to you,

  2. Spoken truly. I try to keep the important tasks in line with my heart's goal of investing in those God has given me to love. Although I cannot banish my earlier years of "busy-busy" I can make new memories. The breakfast date for smoothies and heart to heart sharing with my son. The adventures had and "messes" made with my precious grandchildren. The daily telephone support and encouragement shared with mom as she soldiers on assisting my dad's recovery. Babysitting so my daughter-in-law can surprise her husband with an evening out. Sitting on the floor in the candle light watching football beside my sweetie. Life is too short to waste on the unimportant any longer...

  3. I agree..I hang on to my little grandsons words..and their little faces stay with me when I go to bed:)

    They are our little living angels..Happy Holidays to you~

  4. Thanks for this reminder...much needed today!!!

  5. How true... my youngest just turned 18 yesterday... and I miss the years when they were so young and innocent and discovering new things.

    I don't have grandkids yet... but I plan to savor those times when I do.


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