Sunday, November 29, 2009

Name That Tune - The Piano Men

What do you get when a few good musle-y kind of men volunteer to help my husband move his baby grand piano?

You get some good comedy.

And, so here's your opportunity to fill in the blanks and post some your captions for each scene.

Come on, make me laugh! I really need to laugh today.


  1. moving a piano? you get sore backs for = long and learn to call professionals later .. lol

  2. totally! and i need to call our favorite massage guy for a few of them...

  3. 1) Oh no - this goes too?!
    2) "Out goes Y O U...!"
    3) Don't let the girl show us up! We can do this!
    4) Let's see if this guy can pull it in...
    5) If you grimace, it makes it look heavier...
    6) Through that door?!
    7) OK, tip it!
    8) Is it in? Or out? Let's get a photo!
    9)Or maybe it would look good over there...
    10) It's on my toe!

    What fun!!

  4.'re good! thanks for coming by...

  5. holy smokes Lylah! I can't handle regular furniture much less a piano!!

    Have a glass of wine or twelve ;)



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