Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Notebook on the Pantry

One of the things I love about this house (and there are many) is this particular room. It's going to be my new pantry. One of the things I love about that man whose shirt matches the walls is that he loves to bless me by doing these sorts of homey projects like this room and this one here.

I feel very blessed to have a pantry. Just about every home I've lived in had a small spot that I could claim as a pantry. Where I live now has this pantry. It's small because of the space for the washer and dryer.

I value a pantry because this past year, I've worked on developing my year long pantry. The wy and how to can be read here.

I LOVE home making. I LOVE to create sanctuary. We love to garden. We enjoy the gift of people coming to our home where conversations of life, hope and truth can be heard.

So, the pantry isn't done yet. We've got to paint the floors (BM-Linen White), bring in the freezers, add some more shelves . . . but it's on its way.

Have a wonderful day....


  1. I love your new pantry. That was so cute that your man had the same color shirt and the walls he was painting.


  2. What a wonderful pantry! Wish I have one...
    The color is spectacular...and I LOVE the painting (what I could see of it). The colors are splendid!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. Now THAT's a pantry you would be happy to open any time! How cheerful and lovely!

  4. Don't you love it? I can't wait till the floors are painted...and Jane - here's the link on the story of the painting -

  5. now THAT looks like a Lylah Pantry. Just what all your darling collections need in order to look especially alive and beautiful stacked up on the pristine white shelving... very impressed!!

    Does it make the CRH feel like "home" all the more?? I mean for pete's sake, if your red pitcher is home, you're home. right? ;-)

    xoxo miss you bunches! --Pami

  6. Oh's becoming home....soon.....miss you back!

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