Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Coming Along . . . .

slowly - but surely.
Work is slowly progressing on transforming the inside of the CRH - Cactus Rd. House (affectionately coined by my son-in-law).

Pretty much every square inch of the CRH has been crying out for attention and transformation - saying something like, "Will someone see the potential and create sanctuary in this house and reclaim its spaces making it home?"

Yes - I whisper. I want to. I will . . . space by space.

Interestingly enough, just after my wonderful man started one of several herb boxes (above) he said, "Honey, for some reason, you needed a big project - and this is a BIG project."

So, let's talk herbs a bit. I love cooking with them and experiencing the flavor of new ones. Basil, dill, cilantro, French sorrel, English thyme, French tarragon, garlic, chives, oregano, dill, lavender and rosemary grace my garden paths. and in this new farm & garden project I've added rue, lambs ear, chervil and a few others.

This spot will be my French Country Herb garden filled with herbs for some French cooking and Spring salads. I've added rue, lambs ear, chervil and a few others to experiment with in cooking and in natural remedies. I'm hoping that women who volunteer and spend time at CRH farm will be encouraged to return to their kitchens using some of these new herbs.

Maria just told me yesterday that she has dill popping up in her garden. She uses my mother's potato soup recipe which MUST have fresh dill to make it an experience.

This is the season where I make this just about every week. It's that good.

Moms says to:
Peel and cube about 4 to 5 potatoes. I actually add 3 more.
Chop a whole onion and several celery sticks. It's up to you how much.
I add crushed garlic.
Saute this mixture.
Then add the vegee mixture, the potatoes in your big pot and cover it with 32 oz (or more) of chicken broth. I use Trader Joe's.
Then add (gulp) 1 stick of butter and (yum) one cup of sour cream. It's rich and it's wonderful.
Then thicken the soup with about 3 T. corn starch mixed with 1/2 cup of milk.
Add fresh dill. I use dill liberally as I have fresh dill in my garden.
Heat and do not boil. "Mash" the cooked potatoes with a potato masher. DELICIOUS!
For an extra kick, chop finely jalapeno and add it to the soup. This made it more than wonderful.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds delicious!! 1 stick of butter - yum!

  2. It will look beautiful! Can you grow a field of lavender too? Please:)

  3. this recipe sounds delicious and needs will be immediately placed on the grocery list (need to go yesterday) so as to make it asap...alas no dill and your plans for this lovely herb garden are very exactly like my own only I fear you are a bit further lovely is an herb garden! yours is going to be lovely!

  4. Yup....1 whole delicious stick of butter - wasn't Julia Child into butter? :-)

    Yes...YES....YeS....a field of lavender I can grow! Just for you - the other Nana.

    Thanks sweet Linda....I forgot to mention fennel....I've got it growing.

  5. I have to ask if you know what to do with rue. My father-in-law brings us free herbs every year when his greenhouse closes, and I never know what to do with rue, or chervil for that matter. Ideas?

  6. This potato soup is the bomb!! Love it, love it! In fact I might just make me some, since I have the dill growing in my back yard. :-)


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