Monday, November 2, 2009

Gone Painting and Gardening Today

Each day is full of wonderful activity. Painting, gardening, painting, gardening. It's all pretty exciting. The progress is amazing. Saturday volunteers to The Simple Farm came to plant purple beans, beets, fava beans (first try at these), different kinds of lettuce, etc.

Today's focus is back on the inside - painting. Later this week we'll build two more 4x4 beds for the herb garden that our master gardener, Anita, will plant with her two of her herb helpers.

Hope your day is going well!

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  1. How exciting as you transform your new farm! I spoke with my friend Marcia (who works at the French shop and lived in France for years) this morning. I've been telling her about you. We want to find some time in the near future to see if we could get together and meet. Both of us love gardening and would love to see what you're up to. And I think you and Marcia would have much in common and I believe all three of us have the best thing in common; our love for the Lord.


    PS No rush or pressure. Everyone's busy but hopefully we can arrange something in the near future.


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