Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Can You See?

Another vintage-y trip. I can see a small bouquet of pansies in this tiny vase. What do you see?


  1. Great photo!

    I'm so glad you visited me at Heart Choices and that you live near me. I have much to share with you. Maybe I'll email you later.

    It's so nice to "meet you".

  2. I'm diggin' that green beaded necklace behind the vase. I love beads!!! Got a kit to learn yet another craft...but I really want to design my own jewelry. And I have to keep my hands busy when I watch TV (on those rare occasions I'm not writing or doing other computer related work!).

  3. I see green Annabelle hydrangeas spilling over and purple anemones with the cream and black centers.. loads..just a splash of the lime green..some trailing .. vine too:)
    What a vase!


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