Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Garden Wear

The more I look at this gauzy Frenchy flowing shirt, the more I think I'd like to wear this, sit in my growing garden, look cute and drink lemonade. I found this at Paris Envy.


  1. I SOOOO want this! something to sit under a tree in and paint or read or just be!! I adore anything in linen and have been trying to find the clothes on the lovely blog, heart in provence...sigh~~

    I am ready to run over to that shop and buy it!

    blessings and thank you for the comment on my blog on the harvest :)

  2. What a gorgeous (and utterly comfy) top...LOVE!

  3. I wish I could visit this Paris Envy store! I love sheer, natural fiber blouses.

  4. haha, how funny, I have already posted one comment on this post and still, I am in love with this top and wondering if I would freeze to death if I bought one with winter coming on...I am in good old Cali so probably not...off to shop~~


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