Monday, September 14, 2009

Life and Gardens

Even though in the desert valley where I live gifts me with several seasons to garden, there is still only a little window of opportunity to prepare soil and plant seed. So, lately I've been scurrying around with my little companion planting charts, trowel, Popsicle sticks and markers digging and planting.

Because it's easier to work my soil and plant my tiny seeds (have you ever seen how tiny a turnip or radish or carrot seed is?) with my bare hands . . . thus at times, very dirty ones.

Today, my hands are dirty: I've planted a new carrot patch, seeded purple beans, turnips and transplanted sugar peas. I'm heading back out to the garden to seed some heirloom tomatoes and then dig up the dirty in another raised bed.

What's your day been like? What/where have you planted - whether in the soil of dirt or perhaps the soil of a heart?

Tomorrow I'm hoping to post the pictures of Friday's date day with my husband. It was an interesting time - he did everything I was in "to." Made me think that dates are really more for the woman, aren't they?

One of the places we went to was that little store I mentioned here, Paris Envy, Needless to say, Paris Envy was opened. We looked and looked and came out with one thing. It was an interesting one thing. You'll never guess what that one thing was. Go ahead - try to guess.

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