Monday, September 7, 2009

A Glimpse into My Home - The Room of Color

I guess you can say that my linen/laundry room is a burst of color and a little French and Shabby and Vintage.

Lined on these white shelves with the pop of turquoise in the back drop are some of the things I love to use to dress a table and to create sanctuary at the family meal.

The solid pink set is Fiesta ware from twenty three years ago. I almost sold in on Craigs List for a song - and then I came to my senses. The square dishes with the delicate pink and green flowers I did buy for a song - $1 each at TJ Maxx. Love, love, love that store.

This set is special. It belonged to Grandmother and was a wedding gift when she married back in the early 1930's. I still can't believe that I get to have it.

My blues.

My pinks and greens.

Some reds and pinks.

Holiday flavors.


Thanks for taking a peek into one favorite room in my home.


  1. Hi Lylah!
    What an amazing collection of dishes and linens you have! Your Grandmother's set is so lovely. How fortunate you are to have them. No wonder you arrange such beautiful tables!

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  2. Ahhh.... great shots of the most inspiring laundry room my eyes have ever seen! I just downloaded my similar shots from when i was there... pure loveliness. :-)

  3. I LOVE the colours! Beautifully arranged too!
    You are certainly blessed to have your grandma's dishes...what a fab treasure!

  4. thanks is a fun and favorite room. makes me smile

  5. Great way to dress up the laundry room. Very inspiring! :)

  6. What is a good place to get unique and inexpensive tablecloths?

  7. Hi Misty.....I'm a fan of Marshalls, TJ Max and Ross. Years ago there was an April Cornell store here in the Phoenix Valley and periodically she had amazing sales and I'd indulge. I also like to scout around in those out of the way home type stores - like second hand offerings. Hope that helps! Another idea is to buy the fabric and hem up the edges and oila - a nice table covering.


  8. Oh Donna and to to think I almost sold them for a song on Craigs List. And, then, I came to my senses. Thanks for stopping by.


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