Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Bride's Breakfast - Alfresco

Serving alfresco in my garden makes me smile. Serving one of my favorite breakfast foods - pancakes ~ makes me smile. But sitting around the table talking about marriage and how to be a wife to two brides - to be - makes me really smile.

This Saturday morning - I smiled a lot...even though it rained on my Bride's Garden Breakfast. And, thanks to my darling husband who brought up one of the garden tables and helped me do a quick shift to the patio. It was still all so lovely.
Hannah and Nicole


  1. It certainly did look lovely.

  2. Lylah, I was reading your current post when I saw a link to this one. Wow so much has happened in a year. But I can't help but smile, it all turned out right, and it's getting even better! :-)


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