Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things: one of my grandsons wordless expression. Why do I want one of these right now? More beautiful things can be beautifully found here and here.


  1. My favorite kind of photos involve my grandsons..This one is adorable..I think it's all the pink w/ a boy:)Apart from the face and the hands:)

  2. Gorgeous snap. such a sweet photograph Lydah, xv.

  3. oohps Lylah...spelling a bit wonky today!! xv

  4. You lovely ladies are so sweet to stop by...and Vicki....can't wait to see your new book! Thanks for the compliment.....I took that while in Portland at the Voodoo Donut truck and that boys face says it all!

    xoxo lylah


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