Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Touches With a Vintage Garden Basket

Fall and cooler weather doesn't come too soon here in the Arizona desert. But, as it is, I've already started some of my "fall nesting" as Melissa from The Inspired Rooms calls it. I've started my fall plumping out in the garden.

Remember that lovely vintage garden basket I saw during my recent visit to one of Portland's secondhand shops? I did get it home and this is where it sits now. Simple, yet perfect. Have a wonderful day! I'm doing some gardening today, meeting a young mom, heading out to a lunch meeting and who knows what else.


  1. I've been out in the garden doing this and that all morning. I have worked hard when I've had two showers by 10 a.m.! Love your vintage basket!

  2. Love it! Vintage metalwork always looks so stunning - great find!

  3. Hi Brenda.....I surely understand that sweating stuff...I just keep thinking that I'm detoxing! Thanks for saying hello.

  4. I love French country too! Where can we see pics of your French country house here?

  5. Fantastic basket to be using as a theme to celebrate the changing seasons. I moved millions of miles away from colorful new england to the tropics and miss the indian summer season terribly but enjoying everyone's blog posts on the theme.

  6. Pearl...I'm so glad I could be a little bright spot for you with the changing seasons. I so can relate - here in the Phoenix desert - it's something that just slips by - but I can drive north a bit and get that touch.

    Have a great weekend. Lylah


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