Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Notebook on The Beauty of an Antique

Lately, I've spent some time vintage looking and shopping.

While in Portland, my heart was drawn to this vintagy shabby chic garden basket and this week it's found a pretty new spot in my garden.

My friend, Melissa (Seattle area) is also a lover of things old, unique and full of history. She says (about antiques) . . . it's remarkably special to own unique pieces with a real history. I love knowing that a piece was around way back when. There is something beautiful about an antique that no piece made today can quite capture . . . . . . and, antiques have a story to tell.

And, so for all lovers of history, old and vintage, I'm really thrilled to tell you about a rare and special give away . . . at Melissa's The Inspired Room . . . something vintage, something old . . . and something with history . . . something timeless . . .

. . given by 3 Fine Grains . . . and your opportunity to win . . . you'll definitely want to go here . . . The Beauty of an Antique & A Very Rare Giveaway - so run - don't walk to Melissa's Room!

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  1. Hi Lylah :)

    Your new old basket is beautiful! I can not imagine a life without antiques.

    Have a fantastic day!


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