Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Sunday To You

Take a beauty pause today and don't forget to look up.


  1. Lylah, thank you for the reminder to take a pause!

    If you do not mind, what have you used to line the walkways of your garden? I am considering pea gravel (but it is expensive) or mulch.

    I am planning a whimsical garden. I have put it off for too many years. Next year it will begin to unfold!


  2. Hi Lylah,
    sorry i haven't by to visit in awhile. I've been trying to remember what that plant is and it finally came to me.....Felicia great plant but lonely flowers in our zone in spring and fall. Perennial I think where you live right??
    Take care,

  3. Annie and Carole - you are loves for stopping by to say 'hello'.....Carole - thanks for sharing that flour with me - i will see if it is a perennial here - thanks for thinking of me. . .

    annie - i'm so excited for you that you'll begin your the thought of it being "whimsical"....we line our garden pathway - 2 things - grass weaves it's way around the south side and pea gravel does line the north side along with quite a few clay pots filled with herbs. on the north side - we have placed pea gravel - we found it not to pricey at home depot.


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