Monday, August 17, 2009

The Femininity of a Woman . . .

Another thing that caught my eye at Peggys Sunday were these beautiful and colorful displays and collection of things fragrant and French for the feminine soul. Aren't we always drawn to fragrance and beauty?

What woman doesn't love lovely lotions, pretty colors and beautiful scents that seem to heighten her self-awareness that she is feminine.

Years ago my daughters gave me Angel for my birthday and for many seasons it was my perfume of choice. When Angel no longer worked for me, my passion turned toward Channel Number 5. ( birthday is coming soon, honey.)

And, today I still love her.

But, really, is it what we add to our outer self that makes us truly feminine or is it what we think about ourselves that will grace us to walk in our true femininity that sometimes is masked by the outer?


  1. Hi Lylah, I'm not overly girly, but I do like have some of the jams and jellies of being a girl (especially for my hair:) At my workplace, we carry Archipelago, Good Home Co. and Thymes...I recognize the products right away! Figi is my favorite with Archipelago, and Beach Days laundry fragrance with Good Home.
    Great companies for helping us girls out!

  2. Always lovely to have some beautiful soaps and pretty smelling fragrances around.
    Makes a Girl feel good about herself.

    Enjoy your week


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