Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Blueberry Day

A lovely drive through winding hills, up and down to a small blueberry spot to pick the tiny, delicate fruit full of the best anti oxidants.

One diligent little princess learning the art of picking the blueberry.

Just look at the intensity of that sweet face . . .

. . . filling her basket full . . .

. . . eating a few along the way . . .

. . . learning that hard work has value and it's just something us women must learn to do . . .

. . . and even find fulfillment in it . . . oh, the joy!


  1. Hi Lylah,

    What a fun day, picking blueberries.
    Your daughter is very sweet and the photos are all lovely.

    enjoy your day

  2. Those bushes are bigger than the princess. How bountiful they are! What a fun memory you made for your daughter...

    May you have many more...
    (Artfully Graced)


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