Monday, July 27, 2009

Portland's Mobile Food Gourmet Kitchens

Portland, Oregon is one of those cool, wild, unique, interesting and cutting edge food-y places that tend to leave you smiling and satisfied.

When I arrived Saturday, I was starving. My dd's (that'd be darling daughters) collaborated with some ideas of where "to take mom" for some lunch.

We'd intended to head directly to Sellwood, where my dd who lives here has enjoyed the wonderful food from one of these gypsy-looking carts but the first stop just had to be the pink panel truck loaded with Voo Doo Donut 'no-no's.

Since I've been enjoying some alfresco-ing lately and the idea of eating outside sounded great to me. And, this menu had me at "hello."

I'm not too fancy when it comes to food, and I was starving and didn't want to dissect the menu so I ordered the chicken salad sandwich.

I just had to take Kevin's picture. Can you see why? Kevin Sandri is the owner of Garden State cart. Who wouldn't want to eat food prepared by such a joyful guy?

DD ordered the chilled beet soup. She's more of a foodie connoisseur that I am. As for beets, even though I had a good little crop pop up in this springs garden - I'm still learning to "like" beets.

At this point one nine year old grandson asked to take some pictures. I always panic because I've done that in the past and one four year old granddaughter broke my camera. But, I figured - he's nine - so it should be OK.

I'm the kind of woman that believes it's good to stir up the creative juices in kids and when they take a camera or a paint brush you can discover so much more of what's inside. So, the photo directly above and the rest of them below are what he captured.

I especially like this picture. He set my little Canon point and shoot on its side and started shooting.

The "chicken salad sandwich." Excellent and I'd order it again.

This picture is amazing. Oldest grandson lined up the spoon, took one shot and voila! It's incredible. See what I mean? Give a kid a camera and see what they do.

Uh . . . here's his last shot. It's what he began to find interest in. We left shortly there after.

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  1. Hey, you're in my old Stompin Grounds. We used to live in Mt. Tabor near Hawthorne.
    We're across the river in Washington now....I hope you're enjoying your stay in Portland.


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