Sunday, July 5, 2009

Notebook on The Table

My current love: square plates. . .

I can be a sucker for pretty plates, place mats and table cloths - anything that says "lovely" for our family table. Just ask my daughters, they'll tell you.

It's true, though, that I have found some great deals and fun sets at stores such as TJ Max, Marshalls, and Ross.

While in France last summer, I spotted this set for what seemed like a good price (at least they were on sale). They'd be on the shelf with my other collection of dinnerware were it not for my only problem: how to successfully get them back home all in one piece.

Don't you think they'd make the family breakfast table pop with color?


  1. I tooo love square plates! It's on my wishlist... out with the circles and in with the squares :)

  2. Oh, Amy - you're a woman after my own heart. When I make my special peach pancakes, I like to line them up in a pretty little row. Sweet.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying "hello."


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