Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Notebook on Lemonade

One of the joys of summer time is to stop by a lemonade stand and enjoy fresh lemonade. This lemonade stand happened to be a little French lemonade stand with "unique" blends added to the lemonade. The owner is from France.

Take your pick. Which one?

We actually found it a bit difficult to choose.

Blueberry and strawberry ended up as our lemonade combo of choice.


  1. Berries in lemonade...sounds delicious! Where in the world do you find such unique locations?
    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. Hi're so lovely to stop by....I get to do a tad bit of traveling and right now I'm in Portland,OR.... the lemonade was good!

  3. Yummy find!!! Love the layout of this blog w/ all your fantastic photos posted. It's my favorite 'beauty pause notebook', as you'd put it ;-)

    What wonder will you find next in portland?!

  4. ARE the beauty pause of life...:-)

    OH....vintage shopping yesterday down on Division...couldn't put this big chair in the suitcase....perfect condition...bummer


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