Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Notebook on Vintage Finds

After we lingered in Provence yesterday, we made our way down to 32nd Street and Division where I heard about this super cool vintagey type shop. My eye quickly followed this shabby chic chair and my mind was trying to decide how I could get this find back to Arizona - in my suitcase or something. Any ideas?

Because I'm learning how great slip covers are, I checked to see if the print was just a slip cover - nope, but still a deal for only $75. Where would you put this chair, assuming it's a keeper?

What could you do with this chalkboard? Maybe something like Petite Provence did here?

Very cute - I think I'd paint it white and add a big pot of bright red geraniums in a big cobalt blue pot. What would you do?

This old rocker gave me an instant flashback to about thirty five years ago when I went dumpster diving. A jewel of a rocker needing a bit of work became my prized diving treasure. Even more so, the sweet memories of holding and rocking my baby girls in that old oak chair.

Definitely was drawn to this little whimsical chair.

Another flashback to the very very old oak table with green stenciling I recently sold on Craigs List. Still glad I did - except - um, maybe I should have kept it and painted it white?

My problem is -and probably yours too (?) is - where does one put all the "stuff?" Doesn't it often end up in a garage sale - again?

I always find any kind of glassware interesting - at least to look at.

Now, this is what I was really looking for! The little item marked $8. Years ago, I'd collected all sorts of very old kitchen items like the little egg beater. Many ended up in garage sales which, now I regret, that I didn't hold on to a few of those special pieces. Those old things are not only a piece of history, but useful and even practical in a French Country Kitchen.

I can't wait to get home so one little granddaughter, who helps me crack and whisk eggs for our weekly batch of Peach Pancakes can do the task with a piece of history!

Not only do I love the design around the edge of this plate and the $2 price, but it was the bottom that said, "Syracuse China" made in USA that made me think it a deal to pack in the suitcase to take back to Arizona. Don't you think my lemon tarts would look lovely on it?

I actually found a second smaller Syracuse China plate for $1.50. So, both will be carefully packed in my carry-on bound for Arizona. These two purchases weren't necessarily a total "deal" but since the plant has closed, perhaps one day they will have greater value. What's more important is the value for me - we'll enjoy them.

I think the price on this vintage food mill is fabulous. Have you priced them new lately? When DD (darling daughter) helped me reorganize my kitchen a few months ago, she wanted to toss mine. Not. Had I not already had one, this would have ended up in the suitcase as well.

If only. . . if only . . . if only. . . I had room. This vintage basket would be going home. I have just a perfect spot for it. In my garden, of course. Can you picture it with red or bright pink geraniums flowing out of it? Or how about a row of tea lights for a cool fall's evening dining outdoors?

Sweet glowing softness for a little girls pink bedroom, maybe?

Retro, do you think?

These silver plated candle holders were a steal. But, I just couldn't steal them.

I've been fascinated with beautiful things hanging from the ceiling and have a post in my heart to do on such lovely lights.

Do you think it works? What vintage finds have you discovered lately? Please feel free to post a link back to yours so we can share in the joy! Emma's got an Heirloom Party going on!
And Kimba's got some fabulous DIY projects!


  1. Such loveliness! so wish I could have joined you on your adventure, it would have been right up my alley for sure! someday, someday...


  2. Oh yes...dear friend....that surely would have been a blast....get well!

  3. I love the treasures you found... I would have wanted to take every single thing home!

  4. Hello Lylah - thank you for joining the party! Love all your finds during your adventure! I especially love that red/white china plate. And the fact that you and your granddaughter make peach pancakes every week - how sweet is that!


  5. Oh sweet Ruth and Marie....thanks for stopping kind....they were some awfully fun things weren't they. Just wish I could take the shabby looking iron basket home...the red and white plate is packed for home1

  6. What a great post! My grandparents had an ice cream maker just like that... best I ever had :)



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